Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 7

Finally, action on health care

We love our country and we feel privileged to live here. We are very lucky.

But we have obligations. We must wear a seat belt in our vehicle while driving. We must pay for auto insurance. We must wear a helmet on our motorcycle or pay a fine.

These are infringements on our liberty, but they are necessary for us to live where we do.

Now, we must buy health insurance. In doing so, more people, nearly everyone, will have health insurance. People will stop dying because of lack of coverage. People will stop going bankrupt for lack of coverage. That is the kind of country we want to live in.

We are proud that this generation has taken this step. We voted for change in 2008 and by golly, we have turned the corner off of eight years of disaster and 100 years of inaction.


McKenna has support

Gov. Chris Gregoire declares quite vehemently that she doesn’t know whom Attorney General Rob McKenna is representing in challenging the constitutionality of the health care reform bill.

Let me state for the record that Rob McKenna represents me, a citizen who helped vote him into office.

Enough said.


Come back with a request for next year

This is a response to the March 29th letter about the Alaskan Crab Coalition’s request to use Olympia Airport facilities during the Olympic Air Show for a Wounded Warriors event. Following are the facts:

Around March 9-10, an Alaskan Crab Coalition representative asked various airport tenants to host a Wounded Warriors event during the air show. Those asked included the host of last year’s event. The tenants declined. The representative then asked the airport director if they could use a vacant hangar for the event.

Because Port of Olympia receives many requests for sponsorships such as this, the commission enacted policy 502 (2003) to give organizations equal consideration and to contain costs. Those desiring sponsorships for the coming year submit applications by August 31. During the budget process, the commission considers each request and awards sponsorships which are within the port’s authority under RCW 53.36.120-140. The process results in a delegation to staff to implement the approved sponsorships.

The airport director discussed the port’s policy with the coalition’s representative and offered to assist with a 2011 sponsorship application.

He also presented an alternative for this year which is an outdoor location through a standard $250 port license agreement, insurance requirement, cleanup deposit (refundable), and city of Tumwater’s feasibility review. (The port is actively seeking a tenant for the vacant hangar.)

The port invites the Alaskan Crab Coalition to apply for sponsorship consideration for a Wounded Warriors event in 2011.

E.B. “ED” GALLIGAN, Executive director, Port of Olympia

Headed down the wrong path

I have begun to look for Alice. It seems I must have fallen down her rabbit hole because the reality I had has transformed itself into Wonderland.

Olympia resident Steven McKnight has begun the process to recall Councilman Joe Hyer despite the fact that no court has heard the charges, no plea has been entered, no trial has occurred and no verdict has been given.

The Queen of Hearts would certainly feel at home here. It was she, you will recall, that based justice on the premise of — “Sentence first! Verdict afterwards.”

It was she who believed that if the accused was found innocent after his execution everyone would be very much better off because no crime would have been committed.

The Olympian has called for Hyer to step down from his position as councilman and his appointment to the position of treasurer was canceled because someone accused him of a crime.

He later reportedly said he did it but there is more to the story than that. It seems the Hatter was right. “We are all mad here.”

In the world I had before justice was the path all men traveled or at least wanted to. Here it seems we don’t know where we want to go. In that case of course the Cheshire Cat is right. If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will do.


Will conservatives accept Medicare?

A recent letter to The Olympian noted that conservative commentators in the media are warning us against the threat of socialism once the health care bill is enacted.

I’m sure these people are aware that the same dire warnings were broadcast in the 1930s when FDR promoted Social Security, and again in the 1960s when Medicare/Medicaid were proposed.

I’m also sure that when they reach eligibility for Social Security and Medicare, these same conservatives will refuse to participate in these socialist programs.

President Richard Nixon believed that universal health care was needed, but he could not get it passed.


Taxpayers paying for lawsuit

Do the 2,000 people at Attorney General Rob McKenna’s rally realize that the money financing this lawsuit is coming from their tax dollars? At a time of severe budget deficits resulting in cutbacks and raises in taxes, is this really a wise use of tax money?

Is this really a fight for states’ rights or just the beginning of a campaign for governor?

Frankly, I have better places for my tax dollars to go than a fight that most jurists seem to feel will fail.