Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 11

U.S. has a Christian majority

Letter writer William Cosgrove does not seem to understand the difference between a Christian nation and a nation having a Christian majority.

America as a Christian nation is forbidden by our Constitution — ironically by the companion to the clause Cosgrove references.

Compare Turkey and Iran for example. Turkey is a democratic nation with a Muslim majority and is secular. Like ours, Turkey’s constitution provides for freedom of religion and conscience.

Iran, on the other hand, is an Islamic Republic with a Muslim majority and is quite sectarian.

Consequently, the government and society are controlled by Iran’s religious leaders with the supreme leader at the top of the power structure.

No one is trying to outlaw Christian or any other religious worship. That would be unconstitutional.

Conservatives worried about our secular government and constitutional freedoms should examine the practices of various theocratic societies and see if that is truly what they desire.


He’s right, where’s the outrage?

Letter writer William Cosgrove asks, “Why aren’t more Christian leaders outraged?”

Does he recall the excuse of Manifest Destiny (God gave us permission) by Europeans to kill hundreds of thousands of indigenous people as the supposed Christians invaded and conquered North America by force?

Was it the Christian men who beat, arrested and imprisoned women (were they Christian, too?) because they wanted to vote?

Does he mean it was the Christians who were compelled (by God?) to imprison American citizens of Japanese descent in internment camps, after taking away their property?

Were we 80 percent Christians who said God gave white people permission to own slaves, beat slaves, kill slaves, kill free black men, women and children, burn their bodies and hang them from trees?

“Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war” in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, Bosnia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Falkland Islands, Cuba ... Evidently that includes anyone who doesn’t agree with all of us Christians.

Recently, President George W. Bush, a professed Christian, had a direct line to his other father who supported his invasion of Iraq and the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

Cosgrove says, “Christianity was the driving force over the last 20 centuries that ... created the civilization of the Western World.”


I, too, wonder, “Why aren’t more Christian leaders outraged?”


Legislators should meet their deadlines

As an educator, I find it somewhat ironic that the Legislature holds teachers accountable for making sure that students meet standards regardless of the obstacles (now considered an excuse) that we must encounter such as lack of parent involvement, students’ special needs, lack of adequate funding, lack of student accountability, and apathy on both parent and child.

However, the Legislature can continue into overtime session with no consequences, causing the taxpayers large amounts of money each day — enough to pay for one added teacher.

If the Legislature is going to hold teachers accountable for doing their job, why is it that the Legislature cannot monitor and do the same for themselves? Teachers are expected to teach with the funds and time that the state allocates. However, no such requirements are mandated for legislators’ public service.

Teachers are expected to uphold legislative standards, but legislators fail to uphold the standards requested by the general public. I personally feel that if the Legislature cannot balance the budget in their allotted time, then they should have to do it on their own time and free of charge to Washington taxpayers.

They expect teachers to find a way. They hold educators to higher standards that are, at times, unattainable. Hold yourselves to those same standards and get the job done on time.

No more excuses.


Eagle soared over Capitol crowd

On March 27, about 3,000 citizens gathered on the Washington state Capitol steps in support of Attorney General Rob McKenna’s legal action against recently enacted health care legislation. Just before various speakers took to the platform the crowd delivered a pledge of allegiance to the U.S. flag flying over the Temple of Justice across the street.

Just as the pledge finished an American bald eagle, as if on cue, flew over the WWI veteran’s monument “Winged Victory” and then passed over most of the gathered crowd. Few saw it because it happened so quickly and the crowd’s attention had passed to the speakers.

Was that eagle’s flight an omen? Decide for yourselves, but if anyone got a photo of that bird over the crowd I sure would like to publish it.

JAY HUPP, Shelton

Beer tax not easy to swallow

A tax on beer but only large brewers? Legislators have been in special session for a month and that is what they came up with to help resolve our budget shortfall?

How about a tax on makeup and hair spray but only on public officials? The tax generated alone from the House majority leader and governor could be millions.

DAN EICH, Olympia