Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 12

Fund tuberculosis programs

A recent editorial reports that Diana Yu, Thurston County health officer, points to many of us over 60 years of age growing at a time when tuberculosis was more common and therefore more likely exposed to the disease. Because of that exposure atop any compromised immune system, we are far more likely to become a TB patient rather than just a carrier.

There is no effective vaccine to prevent tuberculosis, only what would seem quite affordable $20 treatment (where available).

While we look to our low case incidence here in Thurston County, our world becomes more closely integrated through travel and trade. Increased exposure to this disease cannot be ignored.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has treated 6 million people in 144 countries saving lives and reducing the cycle of exposures. But, 9.4 million new cases were diagnosed. We’re getting a hold on it, but now is the time to boldly fund the treatment of this disease here and throughout our world.


IRS agents will come knocking

Well, the liberals and Democrats — against the will of the majority of Americans — now have an unaffordable health care system enacted into law. Apparently, the fuzzy math, briberies and corruption are acceptable practices to achieve their goal.

Watch, read or listen as health care promises in the enacted legislation are revealed to all. A couple of President Barack Obama’s selling points for his health care were immediate coverage for all children with pre-existing conditions. That’s not true. Senior medication doughnut hole closed — not true.

How about some real eye openers, such as 15,000 IRS agents to be hired to monitor and ensure we pay for our health care? How about Viagra for convicted sex offenders? You can be sure there are more to come.

If a salesman tried to sell you a house but said you couldn’t live in it for four years, I doubt you would buy it. But you swallowed Obama’s sales pitch hook, line and sinker. For all those celebrating the passage of Obamacare, are you ready to pay for it? All of us are now participants in Obama’s spread the wealth agenda. Watch as your taxes increase and your paycheck shrinks. The IRS man is on his way and will be coming to your house.


Bill Pilkey running for treasurer

I support Bill Pilkey for county treasurer. He is the most qualified of any candidate for this position.

He has a unique combination of being a businessman, having had many years experience as a chief fiscal analyst for the Legislature, and having managed an organization that promotes efficiency and fiscal responsibility in state and local governments.

Pilkey is a certified financial planner, an economist and president of the Thurston County Taxpayers Association. He has a master’s degree in public administration and taught public administration and finance at two universities. He wrote a text on state and local governments in Washington. He knows finances.

Pilkey is known for his honesty and integrity. He fights politicians who hide fiscal problems from the people — like the county jail and budget problems. His comments on Channel 3 are enlightening as he challenges county commissioners to be fiscally responsible.

Pilkey writes letters to the editor to inform people about federal, state and local financial problems, health care and how to protect against earthquakes.

He cares about people, having been a hospice volunteer, and started the crisis intervention training program to help law enforcement officers work with mentally ill individuals in crisis.

We don’t need another professional politician in county government. We need Bill Pilkey who will fight for the people, tell them about county financial problems, and challenge county politicians to keep them fiscally honest. We need a change.


No official religion in United States

Any attempts to bring insight and historical perspective within 250 words to such a vital and complex topic is to risk a fool’s errand. Well, here goes.

William Cosgrove recently wrote that 52 of the 55 founders of our republic were Christian and that 80 percent of our current citizens claim to be Christian. Such figures are not only suspect, but presumptuous.

However, if true, what does that say about the resolve and example of such an overwhelming majority? Given the state of popular culture, it indicates a serious degree of culpability and/or a Christianity which is, at least as much civic religion as it is spirit and truth.

And therein lies so much of America’s wonderful paradox and confusion. The Christian churches have contributed significantly to our spiritual and social heritage. For this we should be largely appreciative.

Even so, the founding elite, of varied Christian backgrounds and convictions, were as much a product of the enlightenment as they were of the post-Reformation (“Novus Ordo Seclorum” and “In God We Trust”).

While protecting religious liberty, they knew full well the dangers of sectarian intolerance. Consequently, there is no explicit mention of Jesus Christ or the Christian faith in either the Declaration or Constitution, much to the dismay of some evangelicals, then and now.

So when President Barack Obama points out that we are not a Christian nation, he is not denying our country’s rich Christian heritage. He is merely stating the obvious: The U.S.A. possess no official religion.