Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 15

Listen to those who report sexual assault

To increase awareness about this issue, prevent future victimization, and aid survivors, April is designated Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Sexual violence affects someone in the U.S. every two minutes and approximately 73 percent of these people know their assailants. Sexual assault is not happening to strangers; it is affecting those we love: our children, our neighbors, our classmates and co-workers.

Sexual assault is not about sex. Sexual assault is about power and control. It is the subjugation of someone different. It is about humiliation and it is about violence.

Sexual assault disproportionately affects women, children and youth, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender folks, Native Americans, African Americans, disabled persons, immigrants, and many more marginalized communities.

We encourage our community to respond to sexual assault by creating policies in their workplaces, by addressing sexism and sexual harassment when confronted by it, by engaging in discussions with family and friends, and by making the prevention of sexual assault a priority in Thurston County.

Five things a community member can do:

 • Be a myth-buster: Most sexual assaults are perpetrated by a family member or acquaintance, not a stranger.

 • Roles-schmoles: Question assigned gender roles and stereotypes.

 • Rape isn’t funny: Challenge sexist jokes and comments when you hear them.

 • Analyze this: Think critically about the portrayal of violence in the media.

 • Believing is supporting: Believe someone when they say they have been assaulted.

Talk to us anytime 24 hours a day at 360-754-6300.

MICHELLE DIXON-WALL, Outreach coordinator, Safeplace

Does Sen. Patty Murray represent us?

Before the health bill passed the Senate, I contacted Sen. Patty Murray’s office and expressed my opinion that the bill should be rejected.

The polls say that over 50 percent of the people feel the same way.

Her response was the same, word for word, that Sen. Harry Reid had been saying on television for weeks. Now that it has passed with her help she says that we will learn to like it.

I guess that she represents Reid, the Senate majority leader, or the party instead of the people of Washington.

I say that we should elect someone who will represent us and not the party. Either party would please me as long as they don’t follow the party line over the people of Washington.


Change the name of 4th Avenue

I am delighted with the “4th to MLK” campaign that is growing in the Olympia community.

Martin Luther King Jr. was — and still is — an inspiration to people everywhere fighting for equality. It’s about time we Olympians honor this American civic hero by changing the name of 4th Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.


Don't legalize marijuana

Publisher George Le Masurier did our community a service regarding recent drug controversies. The Olympian declined an advertisement for an organization promoting illegal drugs like marijuana. Thank you. He also pointed out elected officials swear an oath to enforce and uphold our laws. Public officials can’t cherry-pick which laws are relevant. Resignation is honorable for any public officials breaking drug laws and their oath.

Imagine marijuana legalized beyond prescription drugs. Smoking the drug with video games would create an awesome mind numbing mesmerizing, after-school delight, not to mention craving munchies, thus facilitating our youths’ growing obesity dilemma.

Let’s add more hot cancerous toxic smoke to our lungs, compounding the devastation of tobacco, human suffering and billions in health care costs. There are 26 secret addictive chemicals laced through tobacco by Philip Morris’ deadly chemists. Pot has natural THC. Think the government can truly regulate and tax marijuana when everyone can grow pot just like tomato plants?

Alcohol abuses are major problems, but why legalize for major consumer consumption another dangerous drug that impairs cognitive skills? How about driving stoned and drunk? The argument the war on drugs is lost and espousing the benefits of European drug laws is ludicrous. The war on drugs is forever, unless you legalize all drugs. Rehabilitation should be mandatory for drug offenders.

Most citizens young and old are honest, respect laws and don’t abuse drugs. Why make prevalent another smoking, toxic addictive, health hazard to our law-abiding society? Integrity and public trust matters.


Construction work seems to last forever

I was wondering why it takes so long to complete the construction projects in our area.

There are published timelines, yet these public construction jobs always seem to far exceed those projected time frames.

I am curious what these consistent delays are caused by. Do you have any insight or answers?

The roundabout on Boulevard and Log Cabin roads has been under construction, yet is still far from done. It was supposed to be completed last December.