Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 16

Haves versus the have-nots

I am curious as to how many of those folks who are vehemently opposed to health care reform are those who don’t have health care.

It is my bet that most all of the people who are opposed to the recent changes are already adequately insured.

The irony ...


GOP offered no health care plan

In The Olympian lead story recently, Sen. Patty Murray stated, “Reform is right.”

Critics such as Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell suggest that the Republicans should run a fall campaign to repeal the health reform and replace it “with something else.”

The Republicans had a full year to propose something else, but their energies have been spent on saying “no” rather than negotiating something else.

This leads one to believe their real priority is not to negotiate at all but to see that President Barack Obama is defeated no matter what the cost to the country, so that they can have a chance to gain back the White House.

This is partisan politics at its worst.

In true negotiations, one does not criticize the other’s position. Instead, offer a counter proposal. Sadly, the Republicans have done neither. Nothing seems to indicate that they would offer something else in the future.

Our elected representatives’ primary duty is to attend to the welfare of the country and their party second.


Obama must control the IRS

The president of the United States is chastising banks for not doing more to resolve home foreclosures. The banks were to waive penalties, reduce interest rates, and even compromise loan balances so as not to further exacerbate the great recession in this country.

People’s livelihoods, jobs and the entire U.S. economy could fail if appropriate action is not taken.

At the same time, the Internal Revenue Service is assessing more penalties and interest than they ever have before. These penalties are directly causing businesses to fail.

These businesses were made weak by the recession and are thus marginally viable, and their failure will directly result in innocent people losing their jobs, thus adding more to the foreclosure list and further devastating the economy.

Why hasn’t the president of the United States chastised the government he is running for the same reasons he is chastising the banks?

This is not simply a question of fairness, but of practicality. Penalties are designed to correct behavior. The desired response is to pay your taxes rather than pay someone else. But taking away food from a starving man so he won’t starve any more does not result in logic, changed behavior, nor the goal of any one whether they are financially involved or simply part of that society.


EPA's efforts will have no effect

Oceans are not acidic, despite the front-page headline, “EPA tackles acidic oceans.”

Oceans are actually alkaline with a surface pH of around 8.1.

The article with this headline stated that the EPA is exploring whether to use the Clean Water Act to control greenhouse gas emissions because climate change legislation is stalled in Congress. The Washington Department of Ecology had originally been asked to use the Clean Water Act to regulate emissions, but stated that there wasn’t enough data about acidification of specific bodies of water to justify any such listings.

The serious concern being used by the EPA to justify its control of greenhouse gas emissions is the up-welling of deep ocean water along the West Coast by northwest summer winds. This deep ocean water is alkaline, but is somewhat less alkaline than the surface ocean water because it is colder and therefore contains more dissolved carbon dioxide.

The deep ocean water up-welling along the West Coast may not been have exposed at the ocean surface for centuries and the EPA efforts to control current greenhouse gas emissions will therefore have no effect on the pH of this deep ocean water for many years. These EPA efforts will also have no effect on the northwest winds and the ocean up-welling that they will continue to create along the West Coast.


Flood basin planning has gone awry

It’s amazing that local residents tolerate the continued wasteful funding of the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority as this taxpayer-funded entity has yet to produce any cost-effective solutions to mitigate losses associated with seasonal Chehalis Basin floods.

It’s also amazing that the Washington state Legislature plans to provide $900,000 for Lewis County Public Utilities District to study the viability of the Lewis County PUD- proposed dams on the Chehalis River. This is clearly a direct conflict of interest.

The proposed Chehalis Basin taxing authority (district or zone district) must be defeated by Chehalis Basin residents as this is yet another level of ineffective, taxpayer-supported government that will provide little to no relief from seasonal Chehalis Basin floods as has been repeatedly demonstrated by the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority.