Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 18

We must not overpopulate the country

These days, most people can’t afford to have large families. Those people with lots of money can and some still do, if for no other reason than to make as many copies of themselves as possible.

Still, with populations and pollution growth becoming exponential, doing more than just replacing ourselves is not wise, unless we desire to end up like many Middle East and Asian nations where overpopulation and pollution are so bad that tens of thousands of people die each day from starvation, conflict or disease.

If we all limit ourselves to having one or two children, then theoretically we could stabilize our population growth and keep it and pollution levels at manageable levels. This would allow us to get a handle on how to properly feed, clothe, house and educate the populations we now have and to make the social, spiritual and environmental changes needed to create sustainable societies.

We don’t need government intervention to limit the size of our families or to save our future. We, you and I, just need to see the 21st century problems associated with having too many children and make individual, private choices to limit the size of our own families. All we have to do as individuals is to control the number of children we bring into our world and we can avoid overpopulating and polluting ourselves into oblivion.


Christianity plunged us into Dark Ages

I write in response to letter writer William Cosgrove’s personal realities.

Educated in public schools, I learned that Christianity plunged us into the Dark Ages, until the arts, literature and observational sciences slowly winched us out.

Our Constitution’s freedom of religion was designed to protect unpopular faiths, like those of the Pilgrims in their homelands. We conquered our new digs with superior human- killing tools, broken treaties, deliberate genocide, biological warfare and other nefarious evils. We are who we are; how can we heal and transform ourselves without honesty?

I wasn’t aware that our president proclaimed us an un-Christian nation. However, judging by our fruits: No. 1 in arms sales, building up forces like the Taliban and making wars as economic and political tools, killing and maiming future fetuses for countless generations with radioactive weaponry, etc., I would be inclined to agree.

In my Christian training, I learned, “Thou shall not kill.” I don’t recognize as Christian the rabid flag and cross wavers who think that homosexuals, dark-skinned people, coyotes, government employees, police, abortion doctors and other evils deserve to be killed. Are they Christian because they say they are? Ever heard of Bernie Madoff?

My bumpers sticker reads, “God is too big to fit inside one religion.” That’s a reality I have faith in.


We must react to climate change

Unfortunately, our public dialog on global climate change has been turned off. Our economic depression is a threat to Americans right now that has pushed thoughts of future global warming catastrophes to the back burner. Propaganda by those who profit from the present situation has also persuaded most of the public that global warming is not serious, or not manmade, or nonexistent.

It is ironic that responding to global warming is the best way to fix our economic problems. We have a huge opportunity to restructure and revive our country around new energy sources that can give us immediate American jobs, a sustainable economy that will never run out of fuel and a knockout counterpunch to global warming.

True, there are investment costs involved in a nationwide switch from coal, oil and gas to solar, wind, geothermal, ocean wave, biomass, tidal and hydrogen energy sources. But the cost of defending ourselves from worldwide climate change effects are greater.

Building dikes worldwide do hold back rising seas, helping millions of refugees fleeing expanding deserts, failed agriculture and exhausted water supplies, and reactions to other climate crises will cost $75 billion to $100 billion every year for the next 40 years, as estimated by the World Bank.

These are true punishing costs that buy us nothing positive except temporary relief while we await the next onslaught.

Those giant wind generator blades we’ve seen going down our highways on huge trucks lately were probably built overseas. Let’s start making them in America.


Time to overhaul this country

I am done. I am sick and tired of politics as usual.

It is time to take America back for the corporations and the wealthy, and the special interest groups who own our politicians.

It is time to have a country for the people, of the people and by the people — real people who lead every day, real lives.

It is time to fire them all and have true campaign finance reform so that anyone and everyone can run for office. Partisan politics and the corporate owned media that only puts out propaganda have got to go. It is time for an overhaul of this country.

ALYSON KOHL, East Olympia