Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 21

Medical care for veterans is substandard

In our congressional representatives’ haste to assure us that we can trust the new health care bill, we have been inundated with shady assurances on the front page of The Olympian and our e-mail boxes. The worst of those lies assures us we will have the same coverage as our federal elected officials. Ha.

Elected federal officials are not even subject to Social Security or Medicare. They have Cadillac retirement and medical plans with Mercedes engineering and Volvo safety standards.

Those of us on the military Tricare system are being reassured that our costs won’t go up and that Tricare is having a special bill passed to ensure we are included in those not fined for having too little coverage.

Why do we need such a bill? Because Tricare otherwise would fall below the minimum floor of what the feds deem acceptable health care coverage.

Think about it: Coverage the government deems adequate for those who defend this country with their lives is below government set standards for the rest of the country.

Second only to the government health care offered to our Native American population, Tricare is at the bottom of the heap. And the government’s solution is not to raise the quality of Tricare but to pass a law saying it is OK for this segment of the population to remain below the standard.

That is how they will spread the wealth: with substandard products.

Vote all incumbents out in November. We can do better with rookies.


Nation is losing its soul

America has lost its moral compass.

A large segment of this nation gave the former president and his administration a blank check to wage two unnecessary and illegitimate losing wars that cost tens of thousands of innocent civilian lives and thousands of American lives along with a trillion dollar debt. And for what?

The current president wants to provide access to all Americans for obtaining affordable health care, and he has met with strong opposition in this endeavor by citizens who seem to prefer waging endless wars instead of pursuing universal health care for all Americans.

Why are Americans so intent on waging endless wars, rather than pursuing a program to provide affordable health care for their fellow citizens? This nation has lost its innocence, and now is in the progress of losing its soul.


Attacking police is worthless

Attacking police and smashing windows is just plain worthless, unless the police are attacking you first or the breaking of windows makes a coherent political statement. So anarchists hate cops and small business owners? Who is next, janitors? Accountants?

I’m not completely opposed to black bloc ideas or actions. But when people create violence and mistrust, even people who may be sympathetic to their cause will turn their backs on them. The anarchists’ tactics can thus make you a tool for the very powers they claim to oppose.

Have they ever met an agent-provocateur? Do they know what one is? Are they agent-provocateurs?

Anarchy contains within it the belief that people are responsible for their own actions, and can create a worthwhile society without outside governance.

Maybe they are not really anarchists. They just want to stick it to the man. And that’s not really very unique or individual at all.


Olympia police officer to the rescue

In light of the recent riots against the Olympia police force, I wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I was with the Olympia police one recent Saturday.

I was at the Farmers Market in Olympia, putting on an infant carrier, when the wind blew my car door shut, and the automatic lock kicked on locking my keys and my baby inside the vehicle.

My seven-month-old baby was in her car seat, and didn’t seem terribly concerned, but a mother worries. I first called AAA, and they said it would be more than an hour to get someone there.

Even though Margot was calm, there was no way she’d make it that long without freaking out.

So then the question was: Does this warrant an emergency call to 9-1-1? I made the call. About five minutes later, Officer Steve Hurd showed up. He was very calm, and his first concern was for my baby. He then managed to open the passenger door in a matter of minutes. What’s more, he was so very kind. He told me not to feel like a bad mother, and reassured me that this could happen to anyone.

I asked if he would take a picture with Margot and I to send to my husband in Iraq. (The same husband who locked his keys in this same car while fishing last year. I really must disable that auto-lock!)

Officer Hurd saved our day.


Choral society performance outstanding

After thoroughly enjoying the emotion-filled performance of the Olympia Choral Society’s “The Civil War,” it occurred to me that we have a really talented community.

The choral society, including as featured guest artists members of the New Life Baptist Church, performed to an exceptionally high standard. And the instrumentalists and all of the production support staff did wonders.

This wouldn’t have happened without the leadership of their director, Terrance Robert Bernard Shaw. The other notable feature about this group is that they perform for donations and then donate any proceeds back to the community in the form of musical scholarships.

It’s truly a win-win-win situation.

I feel certain I speak for everyone who attended — thank you so much!