Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 23

Blocking intersection is against law

Letter writer Bob Partlow thinks that anyone blocking an intersection during heavy traffic flow should not be cited.

Somehow he thinks the police are at fault.

Many years ago I was cited for not making it all the way through an intersection. I realized that if I was watching the flow of traffic and the light, that I would not have found myself in that situation. I felt guilty and paid the fine.

Partlow doesn’t offer a solution for what he feels is a problem. It seems that the only thing he can do is complain.

I think that anyone blocking traffic should be issued a ticket. Hopefully, this would keep inconsiderate people from creating traffic jams. I for one will give any cop a pat on the back for doing a good job.


Slash pay of war workers, too

Robert Whitlock said, in a recent letter, that he plans to protest the shipping of war products from the Port of Olympia. He said corporations should not profit from war. It then seems reasonable that workers should not profit from war.

Cut the war workers’ wages to eliminate luxuries. Then war machine workers will sacrifice alongside war machine corporations. Anyone who doesn’t support a cut to war workers’ wages is inconsistent in their hatred of war and their desire to eliminate war.

Whitlock sounds like the peaceniks of the 1960s when attacking war in general. In the Cold War, peaceniks proclaimed “Better red than dead,” which translates “Better slavery than death.”

Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” I prefer Patrick Henry to the slavery and oppression proposed by Whitlock’s contemporary peaceniks.

Whitlock said the police used very aggressive tactics and the protesters were peaceful. In his book, “Letters from the Birmingham Jail,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said protests should be nonviolent and protesters should accept the consequences of their actions.

The Olympia peaceniks damaged public and private property which is not peaceful, and then pleaded not guilty in court. Some also hid their faces with masks. This shows these protesters have a lack of courage and a lack of moral conviction.

Whitlock has philosophical inconsistencies and his ideology and tactics are straight out of Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals.”


Senators must end funding for war

We’ve seen the footage from the killings of civilians and journalists in Iraq, and read about the civilian deaths from night raids in Afghanistan. These are not aberrations; this is war.

The administration is asking for billions more to escalate the occupation. We call upon Sen. Patty Murray and Sen. Maria Cantwell to provide funding to bring our kids home, and for jobs when they return.

We cannot justify sending our kids to be killed, maimed and to have their souls hollowed out. No more needless deaths. We call upon Cantwell and Murray to vote no to more war funding.

JIM KLINCK, Rochester

City of Olympia wasting tax dollars

The city of Olympia is rampant in government waste and misdirection of fiscal resources.

I recently talked to human resources about some workplace practices. Unfortunately, they blew me off and dismissed my comments as hearsay. When asked about the gross unproductivity in workplace practices, I was told “that’s just the way it is in government work.”

I must say that I am truly disappointed and insulted as a citizen of Olympia to hear that comment from the human resources department. That is simply an unacceptable response and the credo of the apathetic and complacent.

I wonder how many citizens in this city would agree with the statement that basically encourages government waste and frittering away of valuable tax revenue? And we’re not talking about mere pennies here.

Annually, I would estimate the amount of municipal government waste climbs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m sure that City Manager Steve Hall won’t abide by the flagrant and rampant jawboning and sheer waste of fiscal resources that goes on daily, especially during dire economic times for the city of Olympia. If people wanted to make the city of Olympia more positive and grow the economy, they just wouldn’t give up and not care. And if people worked harder and fulfilled their obligations to the taxpayers, the city would be a better place.


Support community banks

Now that health care reform is done, let’s get to financial reform and start with the big banks. You know, the ones where the CEO has a private jet, gets a big bonus no matter how poorly the bank does, lives in a New York City penthouse during the week and the Hamptons on the weekend and gets chauffeured the two blocks to work.

These banks say they don’t need financial reform because they can do well all by themselves. Remember TARP? They don’t.

Let’s move our money to the small, local banks, the one where the CEO lives on your block, drives himself or herself to work and flies business class. Support the banks that will lend to local people and business, bank officials that know and care about our local economy — the nonTARP banks.

This is an action that we can take ourselves, and it’s time we did.