Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for April 27

Woodpecker attacks light pole

What’s that sound? Semi-automatic machine gun fire at 6 in the morning? An alarm bell ringing, signifying a bank being held up?

No, my friends. It’s just a darn woodpecker, believe it or not.

You see, this happens every springtime that I have lived here in the Northwest, and I find this phenomena intriguing.

On my way across the parking lot where my daughters attend school, most mornings I hear the “Bbrrrrring” sound of a woodpecker that has mistaken one of those metal light poles for a tree, He moves around quite a bit, probably trying to figure out which one of those tall, brown monstrosities will hold some morning munchies for him to eat.

There seems to be no real way to tell him that he’s made a mistake, and I know he’d fly away if I ever got close enough to place him on a tree so that he wouldn’t go hungry.

The only solution that I can see – although it isn’t possible – is to try to get a hold of Woody Woodpecker and see if he could talk some sense into the poor thing.

I guess even animals aren’t always perfect when they’re trying to follow their own natural instincts regarding the right and the wrong thing to do.

That’s kind of like people, sometimes, don’t you think?


Taxing themselves out of work

Well, the governor and Democratic legislators stuck it to “we the people” once again.

Ignoring the pleas of the people to not consider taxing candy, bottled water and tobacco, they did it anyhow.

I don’t know whom they represent, but it surely is not me. It never has been.

I would be willing to bet they didn’t know or care that by raising the tax on cigarettes $1, it isn’t just $1, but $10 as most people buy by the carton. In the last few years, because of their actions, cigarettes have increased by at least $30 a carton.

I contacted my representatives and urged them not to consider a tax on tobacco. Only one responded by saying that bottled water, gum, candy and cigarettes are discretionary items that we don’t have to buy.

Well, we don’t have to buy groceries or gas either, but it makes our life more enjoyable.

We are guaranteed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – not to be thwarted by uncaring Democratic legislators.

I wonder if all Democrats, the governor included, have checked out the procedure for filing unemployment claims. They will need to do this following the next election, because legislators have predicted their own fate by taxing these insignificant items.

God bless Tim Eyman.


More taxes back state spending spree

Washington state citizens are indeed fortunate to have a governor who is gleeful that her elitist Democrat friends and a relative will escape increased costs for their expensive micro-brews.

For the rest of us – the lower class – the price of a pint of Bud, Miller or Hamms will cost us more.

But what the heck, the extra cost will certainly help in deficit reduction – a deficit caused by a state unsustainable spending spree.

The state budget increased more than 30 percent during the governor’s first term.

But wait. Perhaps we can forego our pints of ale. Maybe we can drink soda pop or water in lieu of ale.

Oh, I forgot the state has imposed a tax on those products as well.



Tea party platform becomes clear

The tea party’s platform is finally becoming clear to me:

 • National fiscal responsibility: It’s all right to spend more than the government takes in when it’s for wars against countries that don’t attack us – more cheers over a few beers, more video games and lots of flag-flying – and to simultaneously give the wealthy a tax break, all of which created the Bush national deficit. But it’s not fun to run up deficits for health care, infrastructure, schools because they’re boring and we never benefit from them.

 • Health care is all about personal freedom – the freedom to not pay for health care insurance while loudly demanding to get the “best health care in the world.” This is America, after all. It’s about the personal freedom to dump the costs of our uninsured care on those of you who do have health care insurance or pay taxes. By the way, it’s un-American to take away the tax breaks the wealthy got from George Bush in order to help pay for health care. And we’ll defend to the death our right to take this money from the rest of you – by forming a militia in Oklahoma.

Can anyone explain to me how these stances aren’t the modern day version of a stagecoach holdup or why the Fox media family of companies supports these stances while also planning a movie glorifying the exploits of the Barefoot Burglar?

JIM KEOGH, Olympia