Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for July 25

Williams endorses Reykdal as successor

The past two legislative sessions were the toughest we’ve seen locally.

With roughly $5 billion in cuts, we saw workers laid off or furloughed, compounded by huge cuts to K-12 schools, Evergreen and SPSCC, care at six local nursing homes, in-home service hours for meal and incontinence assistance, etc.

More should distinguish Democrats from Republicans than how they gut vital programs.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s party cannot cut its way to prosperity. Once upon a time, our values – not just our party label’s spelling – made us different from Republicans.

I promised to support the candidate for my seat backed by working families’ champions. Chris Reykdal is that candidate. With one exception (a dual endorsement), he’s earned sole support from every labor union endorsing. It’s a great vote of confidence from those very careful in screening after being kicked in the teeth by political timidity and appeasement of powerful interests like big oil.

Reykdal shines among some great candidates. I’m betting my 8-year-old son’s future on him. I’m betting he’ll fight for us alongside Karen Fraser and Sam Hunt — two of the most incorruptible public figures around.

Too often, politics is dynastic. Politicians are selected, more than elected, because they’re in the right cliques. They’re selected because they’ll fit in a system where the dominant attitude is not liberal, nor conservative, but, “Happy to be here.”

I’m betting Chris Reykdal will be different.

With two little kids, he’s got a huge stake in his own success. So do we.

REP. BRENDAN WILLIAMS; D-Olympia, 22nd District

Vaccines should not contain mercury

As co-chair of the Mercury Awareness Team, I read The Associated Press article titled “40 million flu doses must be incinerated.”

Many people declined the H1N1 vaccines because they were not proven safe and were mercury loaded (25 mcg of mercury per dose, unless you demanded mercury free).

Mary Selecky, secretary of the Washington State Department of Health, threw out our 2006 law, which the awareness team and autism groups worked so hard for. That law required flu vaccines for pregnant women and children under 3 to have no more than 1 mcg of mercury per dose. The low-mercury children’s vaccines brought into Washington state were recalled as not being strong enough.

The EPA reported in 2004 based on 1999-2000 data that one in six pregnant women had enough mercury to damage her child. EPA tested cord blood and found mother mercury clearing into babies while in utero.

In Minimata, Japan, mercury poisoned pregnant women seemed OK, but their babies were born terribly mercury damaged.

To make vaccines safer:

No mercury.

No live virus vaccines.

No vaccines until age 2, unless direct exposure to the virus.

Fewer vaccines, always spaced, no combined vaccines.

You have lifetime immunity to infectious diseases you once had. You pass antibodies to these diseases to your children when you nurse them.

Infectious diseases were in decline when most vaccines were mandated for vaccine manufacturers’ profit.


Obama leading nation down wrong path

What do Obama supporters say now? Our national debt is $13 trillion, and now President Barack Obama wants the ceiling on our debt to be raised to $14 trillion.

Hoping to defuse, misdirect or appear to be concerned with our deficit spending, Obama appointed a commission to review our fiscal policies. Erskine Bowles, a Democrat financial expert, was appointed to lead the commission. Much to the chagrin of Obama, Bowles’ first televised statement claimed our present fiscal policies are leading our nation to imminent bankruptcy.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates at the present rate our deficit is growing at $1.3 trillion a year.

Obamacare’s hidden costs continue to multiply. The Obama stimulus lost 8 million jobs. Vice President Joe Biden says those jobs are gone and aren’t coming back, and now Obama wants $50 billion more for another stimulus.

A recent writer claims Obama is only trying to repair the huge mess left by the previous administration — a mess created by excessive spending.

If excessive spending was the cause, wouldn’t cutting spending be the cure?

The writer also claims the GOP is blocking a jobs bill and the extension of unemployment benefits. What the writer doesn’t mention is the refusal of the Democrats to cut spending in other programs to offset the costs for the jobs and unemployment bills. They would just add the cost to our deficit.