Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for July 26

Robinson is best candidate for District 22

Steve Robinson is the best candidate for state legislator in District 22.

We voters have a rare opportunity to elect a great leader by voting for Robinson, and we should not miss it. His diversity and ability to unite are powerfully reflected by those who support his campaign. Robinson is not a political hack whose campaign is based on empty promises. He’s a genuine leader with real experience. He’s been in the trenches and he’s earned his stripes. He’s a veteran who gets things done.

The others will need to learn the ropes. Not Robinson. He has the support of other real leaders too, not just politically driven wannabes. He’s strongly supported by legislators like Sens. Rockefeller, Ranker, Regala and Kauffman, and Reps. Blake, Chase, McCoy and Milloscia. He’s the choice of legitimate environmental leaders like Kathy Fletcher, Rachael Osborne, Bruce Wishart and David Troutt. He’s supported by business leaders like Bill Taylor and Mark Doumit.

He’s the president-elect of the Environmental Education Association and strongly endorsed by education leaders such as Margaret Tudor, Lynne Ferguson and Denny Hurtado.

He’s been employed by the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission for 26 years and has the enthusiastic endorsement of 27 tribes. No other candidate brings to the table what Robinson does. Period. He’s the one we need. He knows the issues. He can help lead us out of these tough times onto a party of sustainable prosperity. We strongly urge you to vote for Steve Robinson, the best candidate.


Chris Reykdal supports schools

As a lifelong educator, I know the value of a quality public education and the importance of fully funding it for our future children.

Chris Reykdal has firsthand experience working in public education, a must if we want to do it right.

As a former teacher at Mark Morris High School, Reykdal is the only legislative candidate with classroom experience, a must to really understand the important role teachers play.

As a current Tumwater School Board member, he also knows how to make budgets, prioritize programs and listen to the community.

As a deputy director of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, Reykdal has spent years fighting to keep the cost of higher education down while keeping the quality and relevancy of courses high.

Chris Reykdal knows the budget process of the Legislature, a unique advantage over any other candidate. Reykdal will be able to walk in on Day 1 and help our representatives address the budget issues facing them in the coming session.

That’s why I’m voting for Chris Reykdal to be our next representative in the state House. I hope you will join me.

BARB DAY; Olympia

Lacey’s sports complex is a winner

Our team from Idaho participated in the senior softball tournament recently in Lacey at the new regional sports complex.

I just wanted to take a moment to compliment the city and those who manage the complex we played on. You are to be commended on the excellent facilities. The fields were great and the workers had them prepared for major tournament play as well as having water, etc. available for all games in the dugouts.

As word spreads, you will find in coming years more teams participating. We are already looking forward to next year’s Western National Championship games at your complex.

As a side note, a married gal from Olympia (OHS Class of ’58) and I told my teammates what a great place they would be visiting. They were impressed.

Thanks again for the great hospitality.

LYNN E. WHITE; Boise, Idaho