Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for July 27

Co-op's action has no place in our town

The Olympia Food Co-Op voted to boycott all products from Israel until Israel recognizes UN Resolution 194.

The fact is that UN Resolution 194 became recognized by the United Nations to have been a mistake that would result in the annihilation of Israel as a homeland for Jewish people escaping holocausts and persecution around the world. Thus, it was superseded by Resolution 242, passed after five Arab nations unsuccessfully tried to kill all of the Jews in Israel by “driving them into the sea” in 1967.

Resolution 242 recognizes the right of Israel to exist within defensible borders. Israel is a tiny island of land surrounded by over 20 hostile Islamic countries 640 times her size with a population 60 times her size.

The United Nations recognizes Israel’s right to exist, but not the Olympia Food Co-Op. Shame on the board members of the Olympia Food Co-op for displaying their ignorance of history as an excuse to institute this dangerous anti-Semitic policy.

The Olympia Food Co-Op previously served a coveted place in our community, but this act has no place in our town.

One can disagree with policies of the current Israeli government, as do I, without working to annihilate the hope for survival for any person born Jewish in lands where similar acts of hatred have been allowed to grow creepily out of control.


Stormans family stood up for justice

To “B” or not to “B.” That is no longer the question for the citizens in the state of Washington.

After a long debate, the Washington State Board of Pharmacy has finally gathered the will to stand up to extreme political stress coming from the governor’s office to conform to her position forcing all pharmacies in the state to carry and dispense the drug Plan B, or for objecting board members to be replaced. The governor has now stated she will not stand in the board’s way to perform its legal responsibility.

For every family, pharmacist, and every other licensed health care provider in the state, this is a win.

Had this not happened, pharmacists would be forced to compromise their legal, moral, ethical, logical, and professional training, not on just Plan B, but all other prescription drugs. A redefinition of the profession would sooner or later be debated. Would a qualified student applicant to a university pharmacy program be not admitted because of his opinion on this?

Many pharmacists, including myself, have turned down legal prescriptions written by licensed health care providers because of ethical, moral, logical, and pharmacological concerns.

Plan B is a potent drug. There are no studies to show the long-term physical or emotional effects it may have on today’s young patients. This has nothing to do with taking the right to choose away from anyone.

I personally want to thank the Stormans family for standing up against this controversial issue.


Co-op correct to boycott Israeli products

As a member of the Olympia Food Co-op, I believe the action taken to boycott Israeli products was the correct action. I support this decision completely.

For far too long, the Israeli government has ignored UN sanctions brought about by their actions to deny the Palestinians the rights to life and liberty. Year after year, we continue to hear of the same atrocities perpetrated against a captive people. Year after year, we hear that it is for the safety of the Israeli population.

Yet where is the safety in denying the children education, food and shelter? Will this not radicalize those who grow up in hopelessness?

In Gaza, we hear of people not having proper shelter and a blockade on building materials. We hear that that blockade is now partially lifted, but not enough to allow people to sell their handcrafts to raise money to support themselves. These are not the actions of an enlightened people or of the Jewish religious traditions. These are the actions of a fearful people out to subjugate those it fears, those that they have oppressed.

The oppressor always fears his victims.