Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Month: Teens were fortunate to survive accident

Some local teenagers were involved in a car accident by my house on the night of the Fourth of July. They have been on my mind a lot since.

I find myself wondering if they woke up loving life because they came so close to losing it that night. I wonder if their parents spent the day stealing glances at them and blinking away tears that sneaked up on them when they let themselves contemplate how differently things could have turned out.

I wonder if their youth and sense of invincibility allows them to understand how lucky they are to have survived that wreck let alone walk away with a baseball mitt tucked under one arm.

I wonder if they know that they touched someone else’s life in an unexpected way.

I may never cross paths with them again, but I will never forget the looks on their faces as they sat on the curb waiting for their parents to arrive at the scene. I am so glad that they are here today and will be graduating with their class next spring.

I am glad that they will get to play baseball again, make plans for college, send countless text messages, plow through thousands of dollars worth of groceries, and experience life unfolding in front of them.

I wish them all the best in life. I am so glad they were wearing their seat belts that night.