Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for July 31

Stew Henderson offers wise counsel

Primary day is right around the corner, and with so many choices for state representative in the 22nd District, you may wonder how to vote.

It is a clear choice for me — Stew Henderson.

I met Henderson a few years back when I was stranded at an event in Seattle. He graciously gave me a ride home, and along the way I learned about his passion for the environment and his commitment to our community. Since then, he has counseled me when I had problems at my small business and has stepped in to mediate a group I volunteer with.

Stew Henderson works with people to help them find their own vision and the best way to implement it. This is exactly the kind of representation we need for the Legislative District 22.

Please join me in voting for Stew Henderson in the upcoming election.


Chris Reykdal is even better than expected

I went to a fundraiser recently to hear from Chris Reykdal, candidate for retiring Rep. Brendan Williams’ seat in the state House of Representatives.

To be honest, I expected to hear a politician give a standard vote-for-me pitch. But that’s not what I heard.

Chris Reykdal stood confidently and told us who he is and what he stands for. I heard a confident and reasonable leader with a servant’s heart. And that is why I am voting for Chris Reykdal for state representative.

The August primary is an important date as only two from a crowded field will advance to the November election.

Please join me in voting for Chris Reykdal for state representative in Legislative District 22.