Letters to the Editor

Be careful with labels

In a recent column by Leonard Pitts Jr., he continues the liberal lie that conservatives are stupid and racist. Stupid, he justifies, because Palin and Bush made verbal gaffes in their campaigns and in their administrations.

Can anyone say Reid, Pelosi, Kennedy or Biden?

On the racist front, he points to the Andrew Breitbart’s video of Shirley Sherrod. Just prior to the release of that tape, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People leader Benjamin Jealous referred to the tea party as racist. Breitbart released the video to show the racism of the National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People, not the racism of Sherrod.

If you look at the video, and pay attention to the assembly, you will see that many were cheering, laughing and clapping when Sherrod was sharing her story. She knew the rest of the story, the assembly did not. They were actively supporting her initial action. That was the racist response Breitbart set out to show.

The NAACLP had a copy of the video. Why, then, did they react the way they did? Why did the White House follow suit without vetting the video? Why did they blame Fox for the firestorm that followed when Fox didn’t even air the video until well after Sherrod had been kicked to the curb?

A person I thought to be a good friend called me a racist during the Sotomayor hearings. We haven’t spoken since.

Racist is a pretty big rock to throw. If you decide to throw it, be careful where it lands.