Letters to the Editor

Kingsbury built theater from scratch

He participated in some kind of small sting operation. Some of his views were opposed while he was on the Olympia City Council. He overspent the theater's budget from time to time.

Are those good reasons to fire him from the theater he created with his own two bare hands?

No, they are not.

Jeff Kingsbury built The Capital Playhouse and Kids at Play from the ground up. I know because I was there in the beginning and I saw him do it. Why did he do it? Because he loves musical theater and he loves kids.

And because he loves Olympia.

How many children, performers and audience members have benefitted from Kingbury’s efforts? Hundreds? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

Kingsbury’s positive contribution to the community is so vast it is immeasurable. He should at least remain as artistic director of the theater he founded. Anything less would be insulting and a horrible loss for Thurston County.