Letters to the Editor

Wildlife resources are mismanaged in this state

As a lifelong Washington state citizen, I no longer purchase annually this state’s hunting and fishing licenses, nor do I purchase hunting and fishing equipment. The reason is simple: quality hunting and fishing opportunities in Washington state are all but a memory due to Washington’s intentional mismanagement and low priority of our once-magnificent natural resources.

At the same time, these outdoor activities that were once enjoyed by families are no longer affordable to many due to continually rising costs. One can only expect that revenue from license fees will continue to drop as fewer licenses will be sold.

At the same time, more poaching will occur, especially with recent cuts to the number of Fish and Wildlife enforcement officers.

Access to the public’s fish and wildlife is continually being limited by large and small private property owners. This often results in private utilization of publicly owned resources.

I wonder when other public assets such as education will only be funded via user fees (taxes).

Enough is enough, Gov. Chris Gregoire.