Letters to the Editor

Across-the-board cuts don't make sense

An across-the-board state worker pay cut and/or forced furloughs for fully federally funded program employes only hurts Washington state.

Cutting the hours of state jobs that are fully federally funded is a huge mistake. Keeping the federal dollars coming into the state and replacing the state program dollars is fiscally responsible.

With General Assistance Unemployable going away, there will be more people in need of services, whether the state has a program for them or not. By keeping the federal-funded programs up and running we are helping out both the state budget deficits and helping the citizens that are in the greatest need. Not to mention as it currently stands, the federal programs have more to offer than Washington state.

The decision for across-the-board cuts does not make any sense. All state employees who work in programs that are fully funded should call or write their representatives. They will be in town in a few short weeks.

You might also look up their salaries for a 105-day legislative session that includes a $100-a-day per diem, with additional pay for special sessions.

Shouldn’t they have to pay us for not doing their job in the time required?