Letters to the Editor

Support system is questionable

I am disgusted by the state Department of Social and Health Service's medical reimbursement system. I cannot pretend to know half of how this state or our wonderful governor spends the money, but I am disgusted by the DSHS system. I am a medical biller and see who DSHS pays for, or doesn't pay for and have for the last 11 years. I have been in awe.

I saw a special on the news recently about how they are cutting help for the disabled. How about cutting the help for pregnant women? Is there a clause somewhere saying if you get pregnant we will pay? I never see them turned down. But a disabled, elderly lady cannot get help for her medications. I am ashamed to call this state my home. I think if half of this state saw how the DSHS system pampers our pregnant and discards our people in financial crisis, there would be a flood of people on our governor’s doorstep with medical bills asking why.