Letters to the Editor

Victims pay price for sudden firings

Why did Jon Tunheim unfairly fire four deputy prosecutors who worked tirelessly to prosecute perpetrators of sexual assault for years? Did he think no one would pay attention during the holidays?

Why should this happen during a trial or investigation? It is truly unfair. Now, victims will be represented by someone unfamiliar with their cases. Is that the way to treat these sexual assault victims?

In particular, Dominique Jinhong has earned the confidence of these young victims and has dedicated her life to this mission.

Why was she fired?

Rape is a crime that occurs in males and females alike, an estimated one out of six persons, mostly under the age of 19 or older persons unable to defend themselves.

It is not a crime of lust but instead of a desire for power and control over a person. It ranks second to murder in violent crime.

It is a crime of silence and often met with: What did you do wrong? It must be your fault. Why weren’t you more careful? Many family members and friends are silent. And the victim becomes silent, suffering alone. Rape is a violation of our personal space. And the circle of damage enlarges among other relationships.

And where are the priorities of the legislature and our governor-in their desire to lower costs yet protect people? Do we have a right to protection against crime? Or is the government more interested in keeping workers happy and securing programs?