Letters to the Editor

Christians are latecomers to the party

It seems The Olympian never tires of printing letters from disgruntled Christians bellyaching about the use of the term "holiday tree." Reminder: They don't own the season.

All reputable biblical scholars will tell you that Jesus was born in the spring. His birth has nothing to do with winter, December or more specifically December 25th.

On the other hand, the season of the solstice, the annual return of the sun, has been celebrated for millennia by native cultures and earth religions worldwide. Christians are latecomers to the party, and they kid themselves to believe they invented the use of native vegetation and evergreens as decorations.

Exactly what about tinsel, bright lights, and shiny trinkets on a tree denotes religion?

My New England Congregational Church has never once put up a tree to celebrate Christmas. We called our family tree at home a “Christmas” tree, celebrating the secular part of the season that included Santa Claus and presents.

Call your own trees whatever you want, but understand that most of the rest of us gladly use the term “holiday tree” in public to include all of the many cultures and religions that celebrate this time of year along with Christians.

A suggestion: try practicing tolerance and love. Your religion is not about trees.