Letters to the Editor

Toy Run has a big financial effect on community

I read the article in the paper on the Olympia Toy Run and thought, how much money did I spend that day?

My sweetheart and I went to the local toy store and bought two toys. We had breakfast at Applebee’s restaurant and did the run.

We met some friends and six of us went to have a cup of coffee. We spent just over $88 in Olympia that day.

I am just one biker but if 30 percent of the bikers spent close to $50 while in town, that’s $253,000 in revenue to local businesses in a slow economy.

If you were to go to Applebee’s, Target, Sears and other businesses in town you would discover an increase in the amount of money in the till on that given Saturday.

If we get rid of a 33-year-old tradition that is raising over $170,000 for the children at Christmas, what are we saying to the community?

We need two hours for a parade. That works out to be $85,000 an hour. Wow.

Not to mention the money spent in Olympia on gas, food, beverages and toys from the bikers and the spectators.

The next time you put your spare change in that little red kettle and the person ringing that bell out in the cold, think about the children. Now instead of 86 cents of change, put in $200,000.