Letters to the Editor

State is not equal in treatment of children

Recently I learned that with two actions taken at the Dec. 11, 2010, special session, the assistance I receive for my two grandsons has been cut by 41.1 percent.

Effective April 30, the legislators cut the child support pass-through for children who receive TANF benefits, which was just enacted a few years ago.

And effective Feb. 1, all TANF benefits will be reduced across the board by 15 percent. That reduces the help I receive for my two teenage grandsons from a total of $653 per month down to $385 per month.

If my two grandsons were in foster care, the state would be paying a minimum of $575.30 each – a monthly total of $1,150.60. This is a difference of more than $765 each month.

Foster parents continually lobby the state for more and more money. How does DSHS justify this difference?

The state is treating citizens of the state – although they don’t yet vote – differently.

I don’t want to give up custody of my grandsons to the state in order to become a foster parent and maybe have the boys placed back in my home. But I do expect equity and fairness for the boys.

I don’t want to hear about funding streams – or the feds give a certain allocation – or any of the excuses I’ve heard so far. I want equity for all the relative children and relative caregivers in the state.