Letters to the Editor

We must learn to respectfully disagree

In the wake of the tragedy in Arizona, much has been said about the hateful and vitriolic rhetoric that has to come to characterize American politics.

While there have been calls for civility in politics and political discussion, there’s also been much arguing over which side has been responsible for such hateful rhetoric.

I find it sadly ironic that there’s been so much hateful rhetoric arguing over which side is most responsible for hateful rhetoric. This makes no sense and is only making things worse.

Many people, myself included, have passionate beliefs about which way is the best way forward for our nation. So often, ideas different than our own seem to us to be the completely wrong path for our country and we react strongly to them.

Sometimes this reaction, instead of leading us to productive political action such as contacting our representatives, leads to resentment and hated of those who hold opposing views.

But if we allow our disagreements to create such hate and anger within our society, isn’t that also the wrong path for our country? I hope in the coming years, our society can let go of some of the current animosity and learn to disagree with respect.