Letters to the Editor

Olympia's 2011 priorities aren't core functions

It was with dismay that I watched the Olympia City Council adopt 12 priorities for 2011 at their regular council meeting on Jan. 18. I have no quarrel with the importance of the items on the list, but for my money, most of these do not rise to the level of a high priority for our city government.

The city of Olympia needs to focus on its core functions. Public safety, utilities, roads, planning, and other basic services trump many of the recently adopted priorities.

I was pleased to see that the development of a responsible and sustainable budget for 2012 made the cut, but it was dead last on the council’s prioritized list.

Olympia is a great city with many effective and efficient municipal programs. We have reason to be proud of our city government and our city staff. Please, let’s not lose sight of the real priorities as we move forward.