Letters to the Editor

Haugen's tax plan terribly misguided

I had to do a double-take when I read that Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen, D-Camano Island, has proposed a bill that would add a $100 tax onto the registration of electric vehicles because fuel tax revenues have declined the last few years.

The federal government, and until recently the state of Washington, have been offering people incentives, tax credits, sales tax exemptions, etc. to get people to buy electric vehicles in the first place because it reduces our dependence on fossil fuel consumption, makes our air and water cleaner, improves our national security and balance of trade by reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

If fuel tax revenues have declined, that’s great because it means we’re using less fuel – finally.

If we really need to increase revenue, we should raise the tax on fuel to generate more revenue and provide even more incentive for people to drive alternative energy vehicles or reduce their driving altogether.

I wouldn’t mind at all paying more fuel tax when I drive my fossil-fuel burning, air-polluting internal combustion engine, but don’t penalize me for driving my electric car.

I hope this isn’t retaliation for the gas-guzzler tax, also designed to make people use less fuel.