Letters to the Editor

Consolidate more than fire services

Lacey City Council member Ron Lawson advocates a single fire authority for our capital cities area. The Olympian says, "Here's an idea." If it's an idea worth considering, it is far too limited to be of much value.

Why not consider a regional governmental entity that includes a wide variety of public service operations that are repetitive in this area?

I know what many would say. “Not possible politically, it will be too costly, a dumb idea, it will be voted down.”

There are many examples of that concept that work well, both here and elsewhere. For example: LOTT, the five-county Timberland Library system of 27 li braries, and the county wide Intercity Transit system.

Want more? The most outstanding example is the Montgomery County, Maryland, government. It’s 11-member council supervises all public services in the nearly 1-million population suburb of our nation’s capital; fire, police, parks, rescue, public schools, traffic control and even liquor sales. Montgomery also is one of the richest counties in the nation. I wonder why.

If we are going to consider consolidation, let’s do it right.