Letters to the Editor

Government is following a path toward ruination

Problem: America is dependent upon oil for its survival.

Government solution: Prohibit domestic drilling. Place stoppage order on all drilling in the Gulf. Come under the fairy dust of green energy. Surrender greater coercive power to Middle East oil producers.

Problem: Our country is in economic downfall.

Government solution: Increase the debt by unbridled spending. Hog-tie business by superfluous regulations. Demonize capitalism. Increase tax burden while giving targeted tax breaks and perks to unions and other politics-driven contributors. Print unsound money. Become greater debtor to China.

Problem: Our citizenry is becoming dangerously polarized.

Government solution: Legitimize illegal immigration. Minimize the importance of American culture and reject English as the primary language to be used in America. Cater to the traditions and beliefs of immigrants to the detriment of our own values.

Problem: America’s military power is being weakened.

Government solution: Go around the world apologizing for America’s faults. Sign disarmament treaty with Georgia-invading Russia. Rename jihadists as insurgent do-gooders and terrorism as “contingencies.” Cozy up to the Middle East friendlies (enemies) and insult our own allies (England, Israel, etc.). Turn a deaf ear to danger signs (Fort Hood massacre), fearing charges of racism and bigotry.

Problem: Our Constitution is being ignored.

Government solution: Pass unconstitutional health bill. Hire czar advisors who reject constitutional principles and individual liberties.

Is there reverse psychology here – a belief that doing all the wrong things will eventually bring success? And, to think, I always thought chaos was the avenue to ruin.