Letters to the Editor

Look for all-out assault on middle-class workers

You don't have to be a union supporter to see clearly what is going on in this country. The New York Times says the battle in Wisconsin is but the opening salvo in a new class war, conceived by the billionaire Koch brothers and being waged by the newly empowered chieftains of government and their corporate sponsors, emboldened by the activist Supreme Court's Citizens' United decision.

The war against public-sector unions is not about budget deficits and money, no matter what the local Fox channel and KOMO’s John Carlson say. Those Wisconsin employees have already agreed to pay their fair share, even as their new governor gives corporations tax breaks which could have covered the state’s entire budget deficit.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy freak to realize that this is a coordinated effort. It’s no mere coincidence that 13 states have recently introduced anti-union right-to-work legislation, and that the new House of Representatives has voted to cut $61 billion from programs aiding the middle and working classes, while shielding coal companies, oil refiners and farms from federal regulations.

This war is about power. The governor makes no pretense that he wants to strip away workers’ ability to negotiate the conditions of their employment, so that the governor alone can tell them what to do. Once the public unions are neutered, the private sector unions are next to go, then all workers will be at the mercy only of their corporate bosses. Thus dies the great American middle class.