Letters to the Editor

Focus on rehabilitation

I'm all for being tough-on-crime. There are human beings in this world who do not deserve to be out free in our society. Our prison system houses many of them.

Unfortunately, they are the ones that make the headlines – murder, rape, assault, etc. They also make it hard for the inmates who have grown up.

There are many offenders who are trying very hard to become a better person, who do not want to ever go back to prison.

No statistic or percentage makes sense in our prison system. We stereotype felons, whether it be murder, rape or by pushing someone down and they get hurt – assault.

I agree with Tracy Thompson who said, “Overcrowding with a lot more violent criminals in the system is going to be a recipe for disaster.”

I’m suggesting the “Last Chance Program.” Make it our state’s parole system. We do not have one. We incarcerate and have lost the meaning of rehabilitation.