Letters to the Editor

Why can't we profile tweakers?

It sure would be nice to know what the government is going to do about our horrible drug problem in this state.

It really is a big part of why prices are going up. The more tweakers steal for their drugs, the more we have to pay extra to make up for the theft.

And I sure would like to know why drug dealers are not getting charged with attempted murder.

I think we need billboards with photos of people on drugs. We don’t have to put up with tweakers. The drug task force members say they have to prove someone has drugs, but really isn’t it obvious when someone has been tweaking?

The governor’s office told me we can’t profile a tweaker. Why not? Mothers work real hard to keep their kids out of the poison such as Drano, and we have tweakers doing and selling it in their drugs.

How messed up is that? Something must be done.