Letters to the Editor

Letter of the month: While people protest cuts, Republicans focus on pizza

Rep. Glenn Anderson, R-Fall City, and his fellow members of the House Republican Caucus obviously had nothing better to do on April 8 than to discuss a lengthy list of their favorite comfort foods.

Out of that discussion arose a legislative bill introduced by Rep. Anderson which makes pizza a covered item for medical cannabis patients.

Now, on that same morning while our esteemed legislators were toying with junk food and legal cannabis patients — many of them dying — 12,000 citizens were standing outside their windows in support of social services and education, protesting the budget cuts about to take place.

Isn’t it nice to know the state’s future is taken so seriously by those we elected to office?

I am incensed and wish they’d all be replaced immediately. We can’t have people of this caliber making critical decisions for the rest of us.