Letters to the Editor

Stop creating traumatized military families

Almost 60 cents of every federal tax dollar goes to the U.S. military budget. The U.S. and many of its citizens are going almost broke. Many people are working long hours and sometimes two or three jobs to make ends meet. I bet they could really use that money themselves.

Now, in addition to this huge financial outlay to the military (including corporations and politicians that benefit from fear and war-mongering), there’s a non-partisan campaign to rouse the masses to volunteer to meet the extraordinary needs of military families, some traumatized by the U.S. Middle East occupations.

What? I was all warm and fuzzy for about one second. Try cutting the federal military budget and halting this destructive addiction.

I think there should be a non-partisan campaign to stop creating traumatized military families. But these people are considered expendable as those who benefit from this outrageous and unsustainable spending laugh all the way to the bank. And unfortunately it’s the latter group of people and corporations in control of the federal government.

When the CEOs of Halliburton, Xe (aka Blackwater), Boeing, all the big oil companies, and all the Republican and Democrat politicians who vote to sustain the military complex start driving vets suffering from PTSD to their appointments, or fostering their pets while they’re deployed for years on end, I might consider lifting a calloused finger.