Letters to the Editor

America on the brink of collapse

Today America is learning that under the misguided hand of Barack Obama's socialism, Harry Reid and his congressional friends, personally appointed czars and misguided union leadership, our Founding Fathers' dream of a free and strong America is in severe peril.

The hope of our Founding Fathers was a rare and wise understanding of the balance required between freedom of the individual to choose self-governance, right over wrong, and love of our fellow man, over fear, greed, selfishness, hatred, jealousy, and dependency of the individual on big government.

By definition, socialism embraces governmental control of production and transportation within a nation. To overthrow America and gain this control, Obama has selfishly involved himself in our banking, transfer of wealth, private enterprise, health care, education on all levels, agriculture, natural resources, insurance industry, entertainment, news media, illegal immigration, etc. and generally has us on the brink of total national collapse.

Future generations of Americans are hopelessly in debt, and under Obama’s misguided leadership, will be academically immersed in socialism, Marxism, and undoubtedly the mess of communism.

In America, our strength has always been in the wisdom of the individual to hear the voice within, and choose self-governance, embracing individual strength of character, honesty, and love of a divine guidance, expressing itself as a personal voice within each individual. This is the same voice that expressed itself through our founding fathers. Call it what you will, but we must listen carefully and teach our children the wisdom of our Constitution.