Letters to the Editor

Quileutes want to enlarge reservation

The Quileute tribe seems to be on the fast track to being given, free of charge, 785 acres of the Olympic National Park. Much of that is pristine wilderness. It is a scam worthy of PT Barnum.

If a safe place to locate their village is all the Quileutes are after, why are they seeking two parcels of land? A town only requires one location.

If safety is the goal why are they asking for control of both sides of a river? A tsunami will swell the river well past flood stage and will wipe out anything abutting it. Perhaps having possession of a river has more to do with fishing rights than safety.

If tsunami safety is the goal, why is the tribe asking for more lowland property near the ocean and at the mouth of the Quileute River? Why are they asking for any lowlands at all?

If the objective is safety why does the proposal double the size of the reservation? Why isn’t a land swap on the table? Obviously, the real goal is to enlarge the reservation.

Haven’t the members of the tribe assumed the risks of living next to the ocean? The people in Long Beach, Westport and Ocean Shores have accepted that risk. So have the Makah tribe members who are more vulnerable to tsunamis than the Quileutes are.

The Quileutes are perfectly free to move.