Letters to the Editor

Pay stations discourage downtown shoppers

For 31 years I have struggled with a small business in downtown Olympia. I have seen the good, and the bad and the ugly.

Still, nothing can compare to the complaints I have heard about the new parking pay stations. Regular out-of-town customers no longer visit us on their way up and down I-5. Locals avoid downtown if alternatives are available, etc.

Paying to park is not the issue. No one can seriously complain about putting a quarter in a parking meter. But to put a potential shopper through the inconvenience those pay stations can cause, especially on a rainy day, is enough to discourage the hardiest of shoppers.

The names of the City Council members responsible for this fiasco should be etched in infamy on the walls of the new City Hall. Hopefully, the problem will be rectified by future council people, but at taxpayers’ expense.