Letters to the Editor

Employees weren't taking up downtown parking stalls

As a downtown shopper, I've been interested in the automobile pay station situation since I began hearing about it.

A major player pushing the new pay stations is the Olympia Downtown Association.

They consist mostly of business owners of downtown stores, banks and other venues, as I understand it.

I’ve repeatedly heard that the pay stations were needed because employees were using the nearby parking places and would frequently leave work to feed the meters while their cars were parked outside.

I doubt it.

I really think that this is one of those mantras which, if repeated often enough, becomes believable.

What kind of an owner or manager would give his/her employees time off the job, repeatedly, to go outside and feed a parking meter?

The car would have to be moved, too, so that the new chalk position would mislead the parking enforcer.

And the employee might have to circle the block a number of times to find a new parking place.

There’s some serious time involved in repeatedly leaving work just to keep a parking place close to the job. Really now, would a competent boss allow their employees to repeatedly take time away from work just to maintain a close parking place?

And what really changes with the new pay stations? It’s just another type of meter for the employee. Nothing has really changed.

I simply don’t believe it.