Letters to the Editor

Teacher termination bill is a very bad idea

We already have language in our contracts that gives very specific ways to evaluate and, if needed, help educators exit the profession. We already have it, so why do we need a new law that would require all 295 school districts in Washington state to reopen all of their contracts?

House Bill 1433 is a very bad idea.

We already have language and provisions in our contracts dealing with the unfortunate situation of reductions in force.

Nobody likes to talk about RIF, but we know that it will be a reality this year. Not only do we not need a new law to deal with what we already have, but this bill does not save the state any money.

Why are we focused on a bill that sucks the life out of public education and doesn’t do anything to fully fund public education or generate revenue? HB 1433 is a very bad idea.

Here’s the reality. We need funding for our students. We need to keep all of our teachers in the classroom. We need to focus on legislation that will increase funding and keep teachers.

The teacher termination bill is a very bad idea and a huge waste of time.