Letters to the Editor

Our votes lead to higher taxes

Do we vote wisely on taxes?

My property tax values are about the same for 2010 and 2011. The land value is down. It is hard to believe, but my 30-plus-year-old home value is up.

Partly because we voted “yes” on more taxes, the tax rate went up. I owe $486 more this year.

In 2008, we voted to raise property taxes for 20 years to replace Capital High School’s fallen roof plus add-ons. The original construction was not up to code. The construction company was no longer in business. Insurance paid for the new roof. Was the 20-year property tax canceled?

We voted to tax ourselves for a new fire station and a separate building for training. Is a separate training building necessary during these hard times?

Next, we voted more tax to fund costs of running the buildings.

We voted to increase the sales tax for Intercity Transit despite transit’s raised wages each of the last three years including 2011.

We voted not to increase the sales tax on bottled water, etc.