Letters to the Editor

Saddened by our rush to judge without all evidence

The Michael Brown situation in Ferguson, Missouri, has me feeling deeply sad. I’m sad for the family of the dead young man. I’m also sad for the family of the officer who discharged his weapon. One lost his life; the others life was changed forever in the few seconds of their confrontation.

I’m most saddened, though, by the credulity of so many of my countrymen. I’m saddened by the media that encourages the public to “vote” based on what they’ve heard, not on the basis of evidence.

Why are so many of my voting age countrymen, even educated ones who should know better, so eager to react to the sad death of a demonstrably foolish young man with such emotion? My hope for the future lies with education, which should challenge lousy thinking and encourage suspended judgment awaiting evidence. This applies as much to playground squabbles as it does to street shootings.

Rusty Weaver