Letters to the Editor

Coal will get to China one way or another

Regarding “Washington state should reject coal terminals:” I believe that opinion to be short-sighted. This coal will get to China one way or another. Your own picture showing trains of coal moving through Seattle to Vancouver B.C. is very telling. Coal has been moving through British Columbia ports for years. Vancouver ports would enjoy extra income for a small investment to add capacity.

The world will continue to gorge on fossil fuels. There are no other energy alternatives to replace them. Ships and barges loaded with hazardous commodities are allowed into Puget Sound. Trains and trucks are hauling oil, fuel and the hazardous chemicals we consider essential to modern living. Taxes are paid to Washington state just for moving and handling these materials.

I think environmental concerns should be addressed with the goal of providing a profitable service to the coal companies and the railroads and to the state of Washington.

Calvin Curow