Letters to the Editor

Valenzuela proven fighter for county and the environment

In the recent editorial on why Capitol Lake must go, John Rosenberg says, “Those who visit the lake and love it are consigned to watching it slowly die. In that sense, Capitol Lake has become a reflecting pool...(reflecting) our collective inability to make hard choices on behalf of Puget Sound.”

The contentious issues of Thurston County are several. We want to protect and improve Puget Sound, but we want growth, jobs and housing. We need leadership to “get over the hump” and make the hard choices needed to stimulate our economy and to protect and improve our waters, fresh and marine. The county commissioners are hard workers who are used to making difficult choices that protect our way of life, and look to the future.

Commissioner Karen Valenzuela has shown strength in protecting our critical areas while also balancing the books. I have gone to commission meetings and watched as Valenzuela cools the hotheads and remains courteous and smart. She has an open door to her constituents and reaches out to hear all sides. That is why I am throwing my support behind Valenzuela, a proven fighter for our environment and our community.

Zena Hartung