Letters to the Editor

Dog Biscuit Party a sign of modern day campaigns

My dog Sandy, a Basset Hound mix, sat down in front of me this morning and stared at me with sad eyes that said, “Give me a dog biscuit.” I waited. Finally, she sat up. OK, she worked, so I started to hand her the payment.

Suddenly, my shepherd mix, Zeke, lunged between Sandy and me, and attempted to take the biscuit. Then the insight. If Sandy and Zeke were running for office, Sandy’s name on the ballot would be followed by the term “pefers Republican Party.”

Think about it. She wanted to be a one-percenter and get paid for doing nothing, but when that failed, she did perform work, and, ran away tax-nverter style when Zeke tried to grab it.

Zeke, however, refused to perform useful work. He believed it his right to confiscate everything another had earned, and that the other’s patriotic duty was to give it all up. Zeke’s name on the ballot would be followed by the term “pefers Democratic Party.”

Sandy and Zeke are dogs, not persons – can’t run for office, can’t vote. However, they could join forces and form a corporation. Then, thanks to the wisdom of the U.S. Supreme Court, they would instantly become a person. Still can’t run for office or vote, but who cares? Now they legally can purchase as many legislators as they wish who will swear in all legislative matters to “prefers the Dog Biscuit Party.”

Democracy in the 21st century. “Woof-Woof!!” Yea!

Philip J. Jones