Letters to the Editor

Parents have obligation to teach children manners

Recently my husband and I went to a family restaurant in Olympia. It was a Saturday night and very busy. I noticed an elderly woman with a cane trying to stand while waiting for her table. She was obviously tired and unable to stand too long. The benches were filled with parents and their children from 5 to 15 years of age. All ignoring this woman.

I finally had to ask not so politely for the children to give up their seat to the elderly woman. The parents gave me a dirty look as if I was abusing their precious children. What a shame that I had to tell the children to move. That duty should have fallen to the parents immediately after the woman walked in.

But I guess that in this day, parents no longer teach manners or how to act in public. Guess they are too busy being friends with their children. They depend on the “village” to raise their children. Well this part of the village doesn’t raise others’ children. That is what parents used to do and maybe should do again.

Alica Bowen