Letters to the Editor

Massive human uprising needed to save our planet

The The Olympian’s Aug. 26 editorial ended with the words: “A federal policy should also make it clear that sending coal to be burned in China causes just as much harm to the earth’s climate as burning that coal here at home.” This concludes a critical analysis of the inaction of the federal government in addressing climate crisis by terminating coal use, which leaves it to the states to do what they can.

Oregon’s governor turned back a permit to a coal company to send coal through an Oregon port to China. Washington’s governor must consider the same type of action for permit requests here. Without federal responsible leadership states cannot address these issues by directly addressing climate concerns, but must use technical tactics. See the editorial.

Just this week the latest IPCC report was leaked emphasizing the risks humanity is facing by not taking urgent action to restrain the already daunting effects of climate heating. What we have already done will effect the climate for 1,000 years. Obviously, we need a massive human uprising.

Bernard Meyer