Letters to the Editor

Writer says Pettus has support of county staff

The overwhelming majority of the Thurston County Clerk’s Office staff supports Yvonne Pettus for Thurston County Clerk. Nearly all of the current staff have worked with both Yvonne and her opponent. The election of a new clerk has a direct impact on our daily lives.

This election is not about the current clerk; but, it is about vision, leadership and who is the best person to move the office forward. We strongly believe Yvonne is that person. She has more education, broader experience, and statewide support from County Clerks who know what it takes to do the job.

Thurston County’s independently elected officials support Yvonne as the best person for the job. Yvonne’s management style promotes trust, cooperation, collaboration and accessibility. She has never been terminated from a job. She is a proven leader who understands fiscal responsibility and who possesses a strong work ethic.

Stephanie Brodin