Letters to the Editor

Old curmudgeon puzzles over little things in life

As a retired person, I realize I have too much time on my hands, but I can’t help asking myself and the larger world many questions to help understand the little puzzles in life.

Now that the Supreme Court has protected the privacy rights of cell phone owners, is it possible those using the devices in public places will refrain from sharing their lives with others at the top of their voices, seemingly unmindful they are not in phone booths or soundproof rooms?

Given the technical capabilities of today’s audio engineers, why are public address systems in airport waiting areas and on the planes themselves of such inferior, muffled quality and always operated by individuals who are seemingly incapable of understandable elocution?

What is it about the words “Yield to cars in the traffic circle” that eludes the comprehension of drivers entering roundabouts and does this reflect illiteracy, lack of basic civility or both?

When will restaurant attendants learn it is not a sanitary practice to wipe down the seats of booths and chairs and then use the same washcloth to swipe the eating surface of the table?

When will moderates arise en masse and wrest the political decision-making process from the left and right-wing idealogues who are paralyzing and imperiling our republic?

Am I an aging idealist or just a curmudgeon?

Dick Nichols