Letters to the Editor

I-594 a bigoted assault on citizen’s civil rights

Vote No on I-594. Why? It not only infringes on our Second Amendment rights, but also our right to privacy, and our right to due process. Why? I-594 assumes that everyone is a criminal or mentally ill until they pay money to prove otherwise.

Think of the social bigotry and the lynch mob mentality that I-594 represents, by taking I-594’s concepts and applying them to other rights. For example take women’s rights and put them under I 594’s concepts. It would look like this; “Since women commit filicide at twice the rate of men, women must pay to get a background check and mental health exam before they can have a baby or adopt. This is common sense and will save children’s lives.”

Would the league of women voters still support I-594? I wouldn’t.

Instead of gun owners, substitute I-594’s subject to black people, gay people, or even “naughty books” and the lynch mob mentality is obvious. Finally, I don’t know where the anti-civil rights folks get their statistics but according to Bureau of Justice Statistics (May 2013), I-594 would have virtually no effect on crime, except making outlaws out of law abiding citizens.

So I-594 is a socially bigoted bit of oppression that is being funded by out-of-state fat cats and will have no effect on crime, but a great deal of effect on all of our civil rights.

Josh Amos