Letters to the Editor

Message from Kuwait: elect Blake to commission

I had the honor of working with Bud Blake at Joint Base Lewis-McCord, Washington and in combat in Kabul, Afghanistan. After his retirement from the U.S. Army I knew he was interested in starting another career in politics to continue serving his country.

When I found out he was running for Thurston County Commissioner I knew without a doubt he was the right person for the job. Bud has devoted so much of his time to the accomplishment of the mission and the welfare of his soldiers that he rarely takes time for himself. His tenacity and dedication in resolving any issue is beyond reproach. He has gained the respect and loyalty of all that have worked with him throughout his vast military career.

If I was not stationed in Kuwait, I would be standing next to him and supporting him on his campaign today. Bud’s life experience has taught him to choose the battles worth fighting for and running for office is one of those battles. I know he’s tired of the all the discussions and debates with no resolutions, whether it be balancing the budget, cultivating legislation for small business, protecting the rights of citizens, funding and supporting environmental causes, and ensuring Thurston County is the safest county for families.

I hope the good people of Thurston County realize how important change is needed.

David F. Malone

Kuwait City, Kuwait