Letters to the Editor

Make Comcast prove it can manage its existing network

The Olympian ran a front page article on Comcast’s problems with “freeze frames” and “tiling.” Problems Comcast said they were sure they could correct or had corrected. These are problems we’ve experienced for over a month. They seem to get corrected, then reappear, most often in the evening when watching sports. We and our neighbors have had a Comcast repair person and supervisor check out our installations, only to reach the conclusion that it is a Comcast “head end” problem. Comcast spent four hours at our neighbors earlier today to “fix” the problems to no avail. It’s now the middle of the Mariners game and the problems are again occurring for both us and our neighbors.

Maybe before the Comcast merger with Time Warner is allowed to proceed, Comcast should be required to prove they are capable of managing and supporting their existing cable network. As for the games and shows missed, possibly a class action suit for failure to provide a promised product would get their attention. Anyone interested?

Dale M. Putnam